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Shipping System Tracks Fuel Surcharge Expenses for UPS® and FedEx® Shippers Enhancing Cost Reporting Accuracy



Steve Stevenson
Harvey Software, Inc.

FORT MYERS, FL - Harvey Software, Inc. announced today an enhancement to its flagship Computerized Parcel System - CPS™ - shipping software. CPS, which automates the shipping process for the largest US package carriers, now fully includes the carriers’ fuel surcharge with the shipping costs it calculates. The fuel surcharge currently adds as much as 9.5% to the published shipping cost for every package shipped. CPS provides the complete shipping cost immediately available. Shippers then have these correct rates in any data that is shared by the sales order and invoice system, the shipping system operator can make accurate rate comparisons, and these accurate costs are also shown in reports from CPS.

"CPS has always calculated the carrier’s shipping rate, but with the fuel surcharge now a significant part of the shipping cost, having the total shipping cost is very important,” said Steve Stevenson, Harvey Software’s Director of Sales. “If your company absorbs the cost of shipping, you need to know you are getting the true best rate for shipping. And if you pass the freight charge to your customers, you need to be sure they pay the entire amount, not just a portion,” Steve continued. “Freight costs that are unaccounted for can break a budget, and CPS can help every shipper with this increased accuracy in shipping cost accounting ” Steve concluded.

Founded in 1983, Harvey Software, Inc., is a leading provider of effective, reliable shipping software to solve the parcel shipping problems of today's small businesses. Harvey Software's CPS is a FedEx
® Compatible Solution, UPS ReadyTM, USPS certified and supports SpeeDee services. All Harvey products may be used in standalone or multi-user configurations under Windows 2000 and XP operating systems. CPS users ship over 150 million packages per year.

For additional information, contact Steve Stevenson, Harvey Software, Inc., 7050 Winkler Rd., #104, Fort Myers, FL 33919, 1-800-231-0296, http://www.harveysoft.com.


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