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New CPSTM International Consolidation Module Simplifies Processing of UPS World EaseSM International Shipments

For Immediate Release (06/11/02)

Steve Stevenson
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FORT MYERS, FL - With their release of the International Consolidation Module (ICM) for their Computerized Parcel System (CPS), Harvey Software has forever simplified the package processing steps needed to use the UPS World Ease service. UPS World Ease is an international shipment service available by contract from UPS. Packages in UPS World Ease movements are treated as a single shipment to clear customs. This single, cost-effective customs transaction reduces customs costs and simplifies the paperwork, ensuring easy package movement between countries. International shippers enjoy the double benefit of saving money without sacrificing delivery service quality. The new CPS International Consolidation Module completely automates all major shipping steps, including printing UPS approved international labels, printing all international consolidated shipment documentation, and uploading the shipping data to UPS to speed customs clearance. As a bonus, CPS can also process all domestic and non-World Ease international shipments on the same CPS shipping station. An extensive set of data connectivity tools rounds out this new offering.

As UPS makes it more important for shippers to transmit their daily shipping data to UPS, this is even more vital for international shippers, where a holdup of the daily data can delay package delivery. Through CPS, the new ICM module also sends complete shipment information with the daily shipping data that is sent to UPS. This means these shipments always receive the full benefit of the fast delivery service of UPS.

"In the past, complex custom's paperwork, package staging and package labeling requirements for this attractive custom's clearance service discouraged shipping system developers from providing an automated solution for these high volume international shippers," said Steve Stevenson, Harvey's Director of Sales. "Now, CPS will process even high volume UPS World Ease shipments quickly, plus, all other UPS packages can be shipped on the same system. A shipping station dedicated for just World Ease packages is not required. CPS lets shippers process every package on one system and then handles the final consolidated processing," Steve continued. "This system is so easy to operate, shippers tell us UPS World Ease shipping is now as easy as shipping their domestic packages," Steve concluded.

Founded in 1983, Harvey Software's mission is providing innovative solutions and outstanding customer service. Harvey's best known product, CPS, is a fully UPS ReadyTM shipping software system. All Harvey products may be used with Windows 2000 and XP operating systems. For additional information visit http://www.harveysoft.com, or call 800-231-0296.


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