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Multi-Carrier Shipping System Simplifies Linking to Backend Order and Accounting Systems



Steve Stevenson
Harvey Software, Inc.

Multi-Carrier Shipping System Simplifies Linking to Backend Order and Accounting Systems   

FORT MYERS, FL— August 18, 2011 – Today Harvey Software shared information explaining the advantages of using a multi-carrier shipping system whenever a company wants its shipping system and accounting or order management “backend” systems to talk to each other quickly, easily and with minimal errors. Often, the shipping system is created by a completely different company than the backend system, but still must easily communicate its shipping data directly with accounting programs for the smoothest operation of the shipping department and to make it easy to find shipping cost and tracking information.

“Using multiple carriers for your shipping can bring great advantages to a company. Implementing multiple carriers can be done two different ways. You can use separate shipping systems so you have one that works with this carrier and one that works with that carrier, etc. But it’s quick to see that, from the very start, using multiple shipping systems that all work differently from each other can complicate shipping and really complicate the critical data communication between the “backend” accounting/order system and the shipping system,” said Bob Sansone, Harvey Software’s Director of Sales. “To use multiple carriers to the best advantage for your company, the shipping system must reliably and easily exchange data with the “backend” system. Compared to using separate systems for multiple carriers, a single, multiple carrier shipping system streamlines every process,” stated Mr. Sansone. “From installation and setup, to updates, troubleshooting, and just using the system each day, one system that does it all and communicates data with the accounting/order system provides tremendous efficiency to the entire shipping process from the very start,” explained Mr. Sansone. “Our CPS shipping software easily handles shipping with the three major US package carriers, and shippers have just one system to integrate with their backend system. Compared to using separate single carrier programs, a single, multi-carrier shipping system, un-complicates shipping at every step,” said Mr. Sansone.

“Here is what companies face if using separate shipping systems for each carrier. To set up the interfaces between multiple shipping systems and a backend accounting system, each system must be linked separately to set up the communication between the two. Anytime updates are required, each system’s operation must be evaluated again. Plus, if there are ever any errors when returning data to the accounting system, tracking down the issue means first discovering which system had the error, even before any corrections can be made,” stated Mr. Sansone. “All of these translate to higher implementation costs, higher on-going expenses, plus the loss of IT resources for other parts of the business,” explained Mr. Sansone. “The elegant, smart solution comes down to using a single, multiple carrier shipping system - not separate shipping systems for each carrier. Our CPS shipping software easily handles shipping with the three major US package carriers, putting all of these multiple carrier shipping system advantages at your fingertips,” said Mr. Sansone in closing.

About Harvey Software, Inc.

Harvey Software is an established, leading developer of globally ready, multi-carrier shipping software solutions, providing businesses with shipping solutions since 1983. Harvey Software's premium shipping solution, the Computerized Parcel System (CPS™) increases profits, boosts domestic and international shipping efficiency, reduces shipping expenses and eliminates the inefficiencies of single carrier software systems. CPS is a FedEx® Compatible Solution, is UPS Ready®, USPS® certified and works with Internet Postage. CPS can be purchased, downloaded, installed, and supported all over the Internet.

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