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Lower Shipping Cost with CPS...

To pay the least to ship your packages, you need much more than just a shipping rate lookup.  With address correction fees, additional residential delivery fees, and dozens of other variables, you must control these items for every package to get the best way to ship.  CPS is loaded with tools to help deliver your goods for less and increase your sales. . 

See the CPS Solutions list to see details of these tools and reports.

Harvey Software's Computerized Parcel System (CPS) Has Powerful Money Savings SmartTools

Internet Retailer’s Guide to Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment

Best of all Harvey Software's Computerized Parcel System (CPS) BestWay™ Calculator, RateBots™ and Smart RateBot™
Support Your Marked Up, Discounted, Published, or Contracted Shipping Rates and Charges!

Harvey Software's Computerized Parcel System (CPS) allows you to add a surcharge to carrier rates and record them for each package as you ship. With CPS you can optionally calculate and store fixed increases, percentage increases or discounts to published carrier rates. You can also apply mark-ups or mark-downs to specific zones or even parcel weights. After your rates are set up you can save, display, export and print all rates as you process parcels. No more guessing how much to charge customers for their orders and finding the best way to ship your orders!

See How Easy Connectivity Solves Your Shipping Problems...

Included in CPSBestWay Calculator

The CPS BestWay Calculator makes a complicated job extremely easy. Enter all you know about the parcel, click "Calculate" and make your shipping selection. CPS filters out the options that do not apply, so making a choice is very easy! Just choose from the list, then go to the next package.

For example, for a 5 pound box to be delivered in the United States in two days, you just pick the service and carrier you want for that package from those presented by the BestWay Calculator...

CPS BestWay Calculator Screen

The CPS BestWay calculator can even be used on its own without running the CPS Daily Entry program. There are many uses for this easy-to-use tool..

The CPS BestWay Calculator lets you zero in on the best way to get your goods to your customers when they need them and at the best price for you. Isn't that what really counts?

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Included in CPSCity, State and ZIP Destination Verification

Every shipper knows that an incorrect or incomplete address can delay packages and increase costs with carrier address correction and return package fees, not to mention lost packages. CPS works very hard to verify your shipping information and addresses. To minimize after the fact costs and increase your customers' satisfaction, CPS has many basic features to help make sure the address is as correct as possible.

Every CPS includes basic City, State and ZIP destination verification:

bullet Verifies the ZIP code is correct for the city and state given
bullet Warns you if the ZIP Code is only for Post Office Boxes
bullet Identifies APO, DPO and FPO ZIP Codes
bullet Automatically fills in the correct city and state when the ZIP or Postal Code is manually entered
bullet Verifies service and accessorial selections are available for each address
bullet Automatically formats phone numbers
bullet Verifies all the required fields are filled in before completing the shipment
bullet Optionally pulls address information from multiple internal and external sources

CPS automatically verifies imported address information just as though it was entered manually.  This means that CPS is making an early effort to get things right by watching your addresses no matter how they are processed.

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CPS Extra Cost OptionAddress Verification Module (AVM)

CPS Address Verification

Reduce costs with real time address verification for every package you ship! 

The CPS Address Verification Module (AVM) helps slash address correction fees, reduces undelivered packages and trims unexpected carrier charges. The AVM uses the US Postal Service CASS-certified database to tell you if an address is not correct or if an address is missing information. The AVM also puts the address into a standard format. In addition, the AVM's Residential Delivery Indicator (RDI) will check and correct the commercial/residential address so CPS RateBots rate shop the right commercial or residential services. Checking the address at the time a package is shipped reduces (and may totally eliminate) unhappy customers resulting from packages that cannot be delivered due to a bad address. The AVM can let you see and approve every change, or you can let it work automatically on every address. Some address correction programs using this same USPS data cost thousands. For CPS, it's just a fraction to add this great capability.

Make informed shipping decisions with the help of CPS AVM with RDI.


Address, city, state and ZIP verification and shipper controlled correction


Avoid residential delivery surcharges by verifying the status prior to shipping


Reduce returns due to incorrect addresses


Lower shipping charges by picking the right services for the packages to be delivered


Insure CPS RateBotTM find the right residential or commercial service


Helps to increase customers satisfaction

There is nothing else needed for total address verification of your packages you ship when you add the AVM with RDI to CPS.

"We use a very automated feature of CPS and can't stop the process to correct addresses.
However, the (AVM) feature is so good that we anticipate saving thousands of individual
address corrections during our busiest time of year"

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Included in CPSRateBot CPS Smart RateBot

CPS RateBotsTM let shippers create their own business rules to decide which carriers and services they want CPS to automatically price shop. RateBots use your company's actual or contracted rates with all of the carriers you use, not just the carriers' published rates. Companies today face the need to closely monitor shipping costs for each and every package they ship like never before. In many cases, controlling shipping costs alone can be the difference between profit and loss. The good news is that handling these issues is no problem with CPS! Create RateBots with your predefined business rules, then CPS applies your RateBots so that every parcel is shipped exactly as you plan, no matter how you enter the data - manually or through automation. RateBots save you money and help insure that your packages meet your customers' delivery expectations!

"We have lowered our cost of shipping $.85 per package for the 4th quarter. This has saved us tens of thousands of dollars!"

Virtually all companies today face the need to closely monitor shipping costs for each and every package they ship like never before.  In many cases, controlling shipping costs alone can be the difference between profit and loss.  Especially if you are offering free shipping or a flat rate shipping price!  Even if your customers pay shipping costs, it is important to make sure you get the right rate and service for each shipment so you get the sale today and in the future.  The good news is that handling these issues is no problem with CPS! 

Standard CPS RateBots automatically select the best services for your packages based on your own business rules.  RateBots gives you a quick way to accurately compare between your company's actual or contracted rates between all the carriers.  That's right, your actual rates and not just carriers' published rates. You simply create your RateBots with your predefined business rules and CPS applies your RateBots so that every parcel is shipped exactly as you plan, no matter how you enter the data - manually or through automation. RateBots not only save you money but they help insure that your packages meet your customers' delivery expectations!

With RateBots business rules, you can:


Determine the best way based on your business rules.


Insure delivery time is maintained while finding the lowest actual cost between carrier services.


Default to alternate services when requested shipping services are unavailable.


Control shipping costs by using business rules to decrease human error.


Put CPS RateBots to work by what you select in your order entry systems.

Click Here for a CPS RateBot Slideshow Demo...

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Included in CPSSmart RateBots CPS Smart RateBotCPS Smart RateBotCPS Smart RateBotCPS Smart RateBot CPS Green Shipping Resource

CPS Smart RateBots go a step past standard CPS RateBots by automatically finding the best price for delivery within a specific number of days or geographic location. Let’s say a package needs to be delivered tomorrow or in 2 days, etc. If delivery tomorrow is guaranteed by ground service, why use a more expensive express service for the same result? Not every package that must arrive within a specific time needs to be shipped by an express service. Many companies use express services without considering alternatives. Look to Smart RateBots to get the best price to ship, even when you promise delivery on a certain day.

"I have to say I was pleasantly surprised how much the CPS RateBots really did save...
We use Harvey CPS for shipping and have rate shopping set up for our standard shipping method that results in savings of over 10% per year."


Smart RateBots go beyond automatic rate shopping in standard CPS RateBots by finding the best price for delivery within a specific number of days or geographic location.  Today, many companies ship time sensitive documents, perishables, or just about all of their products needing to be delivered within a specific number of days.  CPS Smart RateBots leverage the fact that the carriers guarantee delivery times for all of their services depending on the destination.  For example, most ground services will have a one day guaranteed delivery time for a specific area, two days for a wider area and three days for a wider still delivery area.  By using Smart RateBots, shippers let CPS select ground service when appropriate instead of the often more expensive express service, still getting delivery made by the date needed. The shipper completely controls the decisions made by Smart RateBots. Companies today want this kind of power and the significant savings it brings.

With Smart RateBots CPS shippers can:


Ship time sensitive packages at the best possible service and rate.


Significantly lower flat rate shipping costs while delivering packages at times customers expect.


Decrease total freight costs while optimizing carrier provided rates.


Automatically select green low carbon services and lower the shipper's carbon footprint.


One Easy Way
Harvey Software's Computerized Parcel System (CPS) Smart RateBots
Can Help Your Company Today!

Let's say your business is located in Fort Myers, FL and you want to offer 2 day shipping across the country for all orders. From this location, the carriers guarantee 1 day ground delivery to all Florida ZIP codes and 2 day guaranteed ground delivery for ZIP codes in AL, GA, SC, NC, VA, TN, KY and parts of WV.

The CPS Smart RateBot for this example would be set to rate shop the carriers' ground service for all of the ZIP codes where ground delivery is guaranteed within 2 days, then rate shop the carriers' express 2 day service for the rest of the country. The Smart RateBot then finds the best service and price to ship every package for delivery within 2 days automatically!

This type of CPS Smart RateBot reduces your costs for shipping to over 8 states by not paying for express service when ground service meets your delivery promise, PLUS saving even more by rate shopping between the carriers for the better deal. Think of all the possible combinations of shipping you can create!

Using the above Smart RateBot we shipped 51 packages weighing 3 pounds to each state in the US. Without using Smart RateBots the cost was $905.05. With Smart RateBots the cost was $834.16. Our savings totaled $70.89 for all the packages the packages.

That was a savings of 8.6% or $1.41 average per package!*

CPS Smart RateBotCPS Smart RateBotCPS Smart RateBotCPS Smart RateBotCPS Smart RateBotCPS Smart RateBotCPS Smart RateBotCPS Smart RateBot

Another Example of Using  Harvey Software's Computerized Parcel System (CPS) Smart Ratebots

Now let's look at another example of how the CPS Smart RateBot works, again using the ground delivery chart from Harvey Software's Florida location as an example but for a promise of delivery within 3 days.

Delivery within 3 days is a great offer, but you don't need to pay for "3 day" service to have all your packages delivered on time. Here's how this Smart RateBot would work:

For any order with a Florida ZIP code, ground service delivers the package in 1 day, so the Smart RateBot rate shops the ground services you choose, and your customer receives their package the next day.

For an order shipping to AL, GA, SC, NC, TN, KY, VA and most of WV, ground delivery is guaranteed within 2 days, so the Smart RateBot again rate shops between Guaranteed Ground services, and your customer receives their package in two days.

Orders to LA, MS, AR, IL, IN, OH, MI, PA, MD, DE, NJ, CT, RI, MA, NH, VT, ME and parts of TX, MO, MN and NY can be sent via Guaranteed Ground service, rate shopped, and your customer receives their package in three days.

Finally, all other ZIP codes can use the carrier three day service and rate shop between all three day services to insure your customer receives the package in three days..

From our location in a corner of the country, 55% of the US population gets 3 day delivery services using Guaranteed Ground service. Centrally located companies do even better! Smart RateBots let you make a delivery promise that sets you apart from others, giving your company maximum savings with unparalleled delivery to your customers.

We can help you do this, too. Isn't it worth your time to try Harvey Software's Computerized Parcel System (CPS) today?

*The amount a shipper saves can vary.  The data used in the above example was shipping from Fort Myers, FL to randomly chosen destinations in each of the 50 states and 1 to Washington, DC.  Because Fort Myers is located on the southern tip of Florida, and is a fairly remote location, the number of locations where 2 day service is available are less than an origin located in a more centralized location.  The more centralized a shipper is to their customers, the greater the savings could be.  For example when the same data was run for Kansas City the cost savings was $166.63 total ($706.57-$539.94).  In this case the savings was 30.8% or $3.27 per package.


CPS Green Shipping Resource Added Bonus - Harvey Software's Computerized Parcel System (CPS) Smart RateBots™ Save Money and Decrease Your Company's Carbon Footprint!

With CPS Smart RateBots you can not only take real-time, best price control of time-guaranteed carrier services, but you can also implement an automatic shipping system that minimizes your company's carbon impact for the carrier services you choose.  This can save you money and stimulate sales as many of today's shoppers are very concerned about our environment. 

It is a fact that using CPS Smart RateBots can save you shipping costs and give you the tools to use the shipping service with the least environmental impact while you save.  For example, let's say you decide to offer 2 day delivery times to all your customers that visit your on-line store.  CPS Smart RateBots can be set to use ground services for all of the ZIP codes that have a 2 day or less guaranty for ground services and use only carriers' express 2 day service for those shipments out of that delivery area.  Once the right service is found, CPS Smart RateBots can then rate shop to find the best service and price to ship every package using the greenest carrier service possible.  All automatically!  This means that you can offer your shoppers green alternatives that deliver timely results.

It has been stated that energy costs associated with a product rises from 6 to 28 percent when the mode of transport shifts from ground to air.  CPS Smart RateBots help lower this impact significantly!

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Included in CPSFlat Rate Shipping Calculator

The exclusive CPS Flat Rate Shipping Charge Analysis report provides invaluable shipping cost data. Web site order pages are tailor-made for "Flat Rate" shipping prices, because they simplify adding the freight cost to orders and drive more sales. When you charge "Flat Rate" shipping, your customers know the shipping cost immediately and this can reduce abandoned shopping carts. This all translates to a better customer experience and retaining more sales. The report runs in just seconds, showing a break down and average cost for each carrier service. You can run the report for all carriers or select the carriers. Your company's actual shipping history and charges are used, so you know you have the best information for your company. Using Flat Rate Shipping costs is simpler for you and better for your customers - a combination for more sales and savings.


Specially designed to help you easily determine the correct "Flat Rate" to charge for shipping.


Clearly displays your shipping cost per package and per pound.


Uses your company's shipping history for best accuracy.


You choose the carriers to include and the dates to use.


Runs in seconds so it's always easy to use.


CPS Fla tRate Shipping Charge Analysis

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Included in CPSRateBot Savings Report

Ever wonder how much you could save if you accurately price shopped every package you ship? The CPS RateBot Savings Report shows at a glance the potential savings between the carrier and service choices you authorize. What if you ship with a package carrier when the post office would be better? Or, what if you ship another package with the post office when one of the package carriers would cost less? When this carrier is better for this package, and that carrier is better for that package, it's easy to make a mistake. Those mistakes can add up to real money. CPS RateBots work automatically so you get the best price for every package you ship, but how much savings? The RateBot Savings Report shows you the savings immediately. It runs in seconds and includes every package shipped using a RateBot. You decide the date range and you see the savings. The RateBot Savings Report is another CPS exclusive.


Uses your company's shipping data so it's completely relevant to your company.


Includes every package your ship with CPS RateBots.


Runs in seconds to show how well CPS works for you.


Run for any period of time in your CPS shipping history.


CPS RateBot Savings Report

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Process More Packages Faster with CPS

See How Easy Connectivity Solves Your Shipping Problems...

Fast Parcel Processing Easy Connectivity Lowers Shipping Costs Increased Customer Satisfaction  Shipper Approved
Learn How CPS Processes Parcels Fast... Learn How CPS Easily Connects to Your Shipping Data... Learn How CPS Lowers Shipping Costs... Learn How CPS Increases Customer Satisfaction... See What CPS Shippers Say...

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