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Harvey Software clients come first! This is our commitment to you. We stand behind our products with unmatched services to put your company ahead of the competition. No other shipping solution provider gives your company this level of commitment.

See what some of our clients say.

Success Stories - Harvey Software's Computerized Parcel System (CPS) Powered Solutions in Review

Simply the Best!
Powered by CPS Shipping Software...Simply the Best!

Alibris - Online Marketplace

"Currently, the Alibris distribution operation incorporates six networked CPS workstations. Recently, as the demand for our wholesale order fulfillment service increased, we easily migrated several custom Harvey features to another workstation. The networking capabilities of CPS also allow us to schedule workflow efficiently, based on the variable requirements of our workload."

"Additionally, consistent response from the Harvey technical support group keeps CPS up to speed in adapting to the changing demands of our e-commerce-based operation. Thank you to the entire Harvey team, for your past and continued support of this vital partnership!"

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NatureCity - Health Solutions

"We purchased CPS to save money and it's done that.  Plus, CPS' technical support is outstanding.  The easy integration with our order system is great. 
Our shipping costs are down by 1% of sales and charge backs for bad addresses are now at zero."

"CPS gives us all the benefits of online postage without any change to our shipping operation, and that's very helpful.  With postage printed right on the label by CPS using Endicia, our shipping is simplified.  The post office now picks up our boxes every day, it's easy to obtain postage refunds, finding postage history is simple, it's quick to purchase additional postage and we still get the commercial base discount for our packages. "

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Niagara Cycle - Online Bicycle Shop

"I consider CPS a competitive advantage. As an engineer, I don't just want good, I want optimal. With CPS, we use Endicia to the best advantage for us every time. And CPS lets me easily use my data in real time and allows unlimited growth." 

Click here for the Niagara Cycle Shipping with CPS Story...

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Other Customer Comments

"This week I had to telephone in three times for various new issues that popped up as we began using CPS for 'real.' Twice they were able to talk me through the fix-it process while I was on the telephone. In one instance I had to leave a voice mail, but they responded to me in less than 15 minutes. I really appreciate this quality of support and wish other companies were as aggressive on their help desk as you are at Harvey.
We appreciate the great job they have been doing to support us."

"I love and appreciate the CPS and just could not manage my business without it."

"Harvey Software's CPS certainly was the right choice for our business mix.  CPS has been steady and consistent for us with the UPS and USPS shipments and the support has been outstanding."

"Just wanted to drop a quick line to say "thanks" to the Harvey support people.  Although I don't need to contact them very often, they are prompt to get back to me and always very helpful, no matter how long it takes to resolve my problem.  Thanks again!!"

"As far as I am concerned Harvey Software is the best in customer service. Keep up the fine work."

"It is very easy to support your software and company, your people in support are the best I have had to deal with and your company should be proud of that fact, it has helped our company to be leaps and bounds above the rest."

"Let me say this: "YOU ROCK!!!" Thanks for getting this done so quickly. If only the rest of the world moved as fast."

"After we started using the Address Verification Module, our weekly address correction charges dropped from $120 to nothing."

"We have CPS up and working with 50-100 shipments a day and linked it to our other software.
We put a number in and it does it all! Delivery Confirmation, etc. Love it!"

"We started using CPS in September. Formerly we used a free carrier provided software product. We have lowered our cost of shipping $.85 per package for the 4th quarter. This has saved us tens of thousands of dollars!"

"We started looking at systems two months ago, finding that prices ranged from $22,800 to your price. We were ready to go with a system priced around $8000 when we heard about Harvey. Although skeptical at first, due to the low cost, I quickly saw that CPS does not lack power or ease of operation.
I will most certainly pass this on to all my associates."

"Everyone at Harvey Software is always helpful but you put this need of ours at the top of your priorities and came up with a solution quickly for us and we really appreciate that. Thanks for the great customer service."

"I have to say I was pleasantly surprised how much the CPS RateBots really did save...
We use Harvey CPS for shipping and have rate shopping set up for our standard shipping method that results in savings of over 10% per year."

"You buy the license, and Harvey Software will help make it work."

"I love and appreciate CPS and just could not manage  my business without it."

"Great service, good deals."

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Simply the Best!
Powered by CPS Shipping Software...Simply the Best!

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