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Ship UPS, FedEx, USPS and Spee-Dee on one PC!

Harvey Software's Computerized Parcel System (CPS)
Carrier Support


There are no add-ons needed from Harvey Software for CPS to process any standard carrier. There are just two different types of CPS Packages, the single station version and the Enterprise Edition.  With CPS everything is included - all of the data connectivity tools, the exclusive SHIP eLERT shipping notification e-mail, plus support and updates for six (6) months.  CPS has everything you should need to connect to your data and to ship using any or all of the CPS supported carriers.

Why deal with the training issues associated with using a separate system for each carrier?  CPS puts an end to lengthy training of shipping room personnel by making it possible to ship everything on one system.  On top of that, CPS now makes it possible for one shipping workstation to process everything, domestic and international, one after the other!  That's right, no more staging of your international parcels is necessary for end-of-day consolidations.  You just weigh, label and go -- CPS does the rest.

It is easy to see why a single shipping system would be better.  But you should also know -- not all shipping software systems claiming this are the same!  The support found in CPS for each carrier is extremely through.  Harvey Software is dedicated to being fully certified for use by each supported carrier.

To learn more about individual carrier support in CPS, click on the appropriate carrier certification logo below:

Nationally Supported Parcel Carriers Listed Alphabetically

Regionally Supported Parcel Carriers Listed Alphabetically

USPS Internet Postage Supported Services

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