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Fast Parcel Processing

Time Saving Tools Maximize Your Package Output

High Volume Speeds Processing UPS and USPS packages!
High Speed UPS  Processing
Fast Handling of All UPS Packages
High Speed USPS Processing
Fast Handling of All USPS Packages
Shipment Processing
Handling Multi-Piece US Shipments
Background Importing/Exporting
Add Packages as You Work
The Automator
Hands-Free Shipping

International Multi-Piece
Handling Multi-Piece International Shipments

Harvey Software's Computerized Parcel System (CPS)
Puts You In Control of Your Shipping Volume!

Harvey Software's Computerized Parcel System (CPS)takes just seconds to ship each and every package.  Check our videos on YouTube that shows that great CPS shipping speed.

Harvey Software CPS Videos on YouTube...
Click here to see CPS on YouTube

Harvey Software's Computerized Parcel System (CPS)has automated ways to save you time and money on each and every package.  Even though CPS processes all carriers supported in the fast possible manner, CPS also meets special carrier business rules and requirements for the use of  high volume shippers tools from UPS and USPS.   

In addition to special high volume carrier options. CPS has many features and tools that allow the high volume shipper to process many packages at much higher rates of speed than most shipping systems on the market today.  CPS can even be set up to ship packages without any manual interaction.  And CPS does all this while still automatically deciding the best way to ship each and every package according to your company's business rules.

Included in CPSHigh Speed UPS  Processing

CPS is UPS Ready     upport for UPS  Powered by CPS Shipping Software and Logistics Solutions

Harvey Software's Computerized Parcel System (CPS)is a UPS Ready shipping software solution for efficient high volume businesses though meeting special UPS business requirement and rules. CPS fully supports UPS's vision of synchronized commerce as the next evolution of global commerce in which goods, information, and funds are seamlessly connected to benefit customers worldwide.  Click here to learn more...

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CPS Extra Cost OptionHigh Speed USPS Processing

CPS is USPS eVS Certified    upport for USPS eVS  Powered by CPS Shipping Software and Logistics Solutions

Harvey Software's Computerized Parcel System (CPS)Optionally use USPS eVS  for even more savings for high volume shippers.  Use advanced domestic post office services to their best advantage by using CPS along with its optional USPS Electronic Verification System (eVS) service.  Click here to learn more...


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Included in CPSShipment Processing

For example, see how easy it is to process a multiple piece shipment to a single location. When entering a package, you have the choice to just press OK to ship a single package or select to process a multiple parcel shipment right from the first entry field in CPS.

For multiple package shipments, all you need to do is tell CPS if the packages are all the same or different weights and how many there are in the shipment. Then, the automation starts.

If all the parcels are the same weight and you only know the total weight, CPS can automate this for you too.

Once you enter the shipping information, the only thing left is to stick all the labels on the packages and send them out the door. CPS does all the work for you!

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Included in CPSThe Automator - Hands-Free Shipping

With the CPS Automator, shipping becomes a hands-free operation.  The Automator imports and processes package data, prints shipping labels and documentation, then exports data about the shipment - all without any intervention.  Shipping becomes a hands-off process!  This works especially well in areas where security or user errors are of the utmost concern.


If you are interested in The Automator, please contact one of our shipping software specialists.  They will be glad to give you the necessary requirements to make this method work for you.  This option is available in every CPS package.


Send data directly from your order or other system to CPS


Handles International parcels and commercial invoice items


Extremely fast package processing


Supports auto-processing of separate first and last name fields

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Included in CPSBackground Importing/Exporting - Add Packages as You Work

Background Importing and Exporting moves data to and from an external data source automatically.  The shipping system operator just continues to process parcels.  Imported data is ready to be used immediately, and exporting is so fast it is invisible to the shipping system operator. Background Importing and Exporting is very versatile, extremely stable, works in a multitude of environments and is easy to set up.  Background Importing and Exporting uses easy to work with text files, and you can adjust CPS to use the data in your file.


No additional user steps needed to import or export data


Keeps your shipping data in a "holding" file until you are ready to use it


Included with every CPS package

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Included in CPSInternational Multi-Piece

CPS makes shipping orders of more than one box to a single international location quick and easy. For international orders, you just tell CPS how many boxes are in a shipment, give CPS the commercial invoice information, and you're set.


Prints international shipping labels, commercial invoice, certificate of origin and USPS customs forms.


Fast international shipping with your choice of UPS, FedEx or the US Postal Service.


Stores product data for quick commercial invoice creation.


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Fast Parcel Processing Easy Connectivity Lowers Shipping Costs Increased Customer Satisfaction  Shipper Approved
Learn How CPS Processes Parcels Fast... Learn How CPS Easily Connects to Your Shipping Data... Learn How CPS Lowers Shipping Costs... Learn How CPS Increases Customer Satisfaction... See What CPS Shippers Say...

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