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Shipping Supplies

Shipping Supplies

Need the right hardware to work with Harvey Software's Computerized Parcel System (CPS)?

If you are looking for the right hardware or other shipping supplies to get the best performance from your Harvey Software CPS shipping system, we can help.  Check out Harvey Software's On-Line Store for all your shipping needs by clicking below:

Purchase CPS Shipping Supplies On-Line... Start Shipping with CPS Powered Shipping Software Today!

Note: To insure the scales and printers you use with CPS are compatible you should use those found in our System Requirements list.



Compliance Partners Shipping Supplies


Thermal Printer Drivers

BarTender Label Printing Software

BarTender Label Printing Software

Seagull Scientific

Drivers by Seagull are the Windows drivers of choice for many CPS users.  They are produced and Seagull Scientific and can be downloaded over the web.  When you purchase CPS there is a direct link to download the Seagull drivers within the CPS On-Line Support system.

In addition to making some great thermal printer drivers that work with CPS supported thermal printers, Seagull Scientific also makes BarTender Label Printing Software for all the other barcode labels you might need.  Even though it is not required for CPS, the BarTender Label Printing Software is a great tool when you need to print more than just shipping labels.

For a PDF brochure on BarTender click here...

To visit the Seagull Scientific web site click here...



Important Note:  Harvey Software offers the products and links found on this page for customer service and convenience only.  Many of the products, companies or services offered by these companies are guaranteed, warranted or endorsed by Harvey Software, Inc.  We make every effort to remain compatible with hardware devices from these companies, but we cannot in any way guarantee compatibility.  Any hardware device you decide to use for any purpose should be test for its intended purpose.  Harvey Software has no other responsibilities other than those found in the End User License Agreement.  Any hardware device you purchase for the use with CPS can become obsolete at any time due to carrier requirements or operating system changes.  It is advisable to consult your Harvey Software sales representative before making purchases to determine those items that are currently supported.

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