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What is CPS Shipping Software?

Simply the Best!
Powered by CPS Shipping Software...Simply the Best!

Shipping Software that Can Change Your Business Overnight!


Harvey Software's Computerized Parcel System (CPS)Powered shipping software cuts shipping costs, increases your market size and helps you sell more products regardless how many package you ship. CPS Powered solutions do all this by putting you in control and giving you the tools you need to innovate. Over the years we have worked with many very successful companies that you know and we also work today with many companies that you will know in the future. We understand that your success as a business is key to our success, so we do all we can to help you succeed. Our business goals and philosophy are deeply seated in everything we do. 

CPS Powered products are very affordable for any size business. Its cost is quickly returned just with its money saving solutions alone. Add carrier discounts, availability of alternate insurance, a generous referral program and other great benefits, and you will quickly realize shipping solutions Powered by CPS makes you much more money than they cost.

"We started using CPS in September.  Formerly we used a free carrier provided software product.  We have lowered our cost of shipping $.85 per package for the 4th quarter.  This has saved us tens of thousands of dollars!"

CPS Powered shipping software solutions are extremely flexible and can expand with your shipping needs as your company grows. With solutions for users shipping 50 to 30,000+ orders per day, thousands of companies have come to trust the control, service, cost-savings, competitive edge and reliability that shipping solutions Powered by CPS gives them every single day!

For Shipping Software that Grows with Your Business

Harvey Software's Computerized Parcel System (CPS) Solutions Grow with Your Business

For Shipping Software that Decreases Shopping Cart Abandonment

Harvey Software's Computerized Parcel System (CPS) Solutions Can Decrease Shopping
 Cart Abandonment

When you combine the power of shipping tools like CPS RateBots™, CPS Smart RateBots™, the CPS RateBot Saving Report™ and the FlatRate Calculator™ you solve some very some very difficult issues like increasing your market size, decreasing shopping cart abandonment, and increasing total sales. Not something you might from shipping software, but CPS can do it all. Amazon merchants even tell us that we are the secret weapon to get to the top of the reseller list. Again proving CPS is a powerful problem solver for any size business.

"I consider CPS a competitive advantage. As an engineer, I don't just want good, I want optimal. With CPS, we use Endicia® to the best advantage for us every time. And CPS lets me easily use my data in real time and allows unlimited growth." 

In our 26+ years of helping companies like yours ship millions of packages every month, we have gained the experience that you need to get your shipping software problems solved quickly and efficiently. It is our goal to help you ship more efficiently along with providing the tools to enhance your customer service, help you make more sales, increase your market size and lower your costs. Listen to what some of our customers say:

"We have CPS up and working with 50-100 shipments a day and linked it to our other software. We put a number in and it does it all!  Delivery Confirmation, etc. Love it!"

We have a proven track record for success. Harvey Software solutions can help your company cut costs and grow. Harvey Software's shipping software solutions and services solve very the difficult issues in today's extremely competitive market place like no other shipping solution. When you install the power of CPS at your company, you take the first step with a shipping system that will:

Provide an affordable, complete, easy to install and use multi-carrier shipping solution

Provide a solution that processes an unlimited number of shipments per month at one low price

Add multicarrier flexibility by including all supported carriers at no extra cost

Process packages without using plug-ins, portals or any other carrier software

Eliminate additional transaction fees for using Internet postage

Offer an advanced shipping solution without contracts or cancellation fees

Reduce the time it takes to ship products through unmatched connectivity

Make manually entered package processing a snap

Maximize savings for on-time delivery of products at the best possible price

Offer tools to help shippers manage and track shipping volumes to maximize carrier-negotiated contracts and discounts

Provide tools and data to manage freight cost control and auditing

Have a tool to determining the right price to charge for shipping for your web orders and that will also increase your sales and market size

Enhance customer service by helping insure on-time delivery of products at the best cost along with automatically sending e-mailed shipment notifications (SHIP eLERT®) with carrier tracking for all carriers supported

We Make Logistics Easy!

Click here to see what's included and all the options...

Maximize your shipping savings for as little
 as one  cup of coffee per day!

Simply the Best!
Powered by CPS Shipping Software...Simply the Best!


Fast Parcel Processing Easy Connectivity Lowers Shipping Costs Increased Customer Satisfaction  Shipper Approved
Learn How CPS Processes Parcels Fast... Learn How CPS Easily Connects to Your Shipping Data... Learn How CPS Lowers Shipping Costs... Learn How CPS Increases Customer Satisfaction... See What CPS Shippers Say...

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