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  News from August, 2011 and Before...
08/31/11 Multi-Carrier Shipping Systems Offer Flexibility in Case of Emergency
08/30/11 Special September Pricing Promotion for Multiple Carrier Shipping Software
08/24/11 Multi-Carrier Shipping System Reduces Online Retailers’ Lost Sales Due to Surprise Shipping Charges
08/23/11 Powerful Tools in Multi-Carrier Shipping System Enable Fast Package Processing
08/18/11 Multi-Carrier Shipping System Simplifies Linking to Backend Order and Accounting Systems
08/16/11 U-PIC and Harvey Software Renew Discounted Parcel Insurance Partnership for Multi-Carrier Shippers
08/04/11 Multi-Carrier Shipping System Maker Reveals Hidden Costs of Free Carrier Provided Shipping Systems
07/25/11 Multi-Carrier Shipping Software System Provides More Accurate Financial Data for Accounting Systems
07/19/11 Strategy to Combat Shopping Cart Abandonment Presented by Multi-Carrier Shipping System Developer
07/12/11 Multi-Carrier Shipping Systems Providing Better Package Visibility for Customer Service Departments
07/06/11 Harvey Software and Plantrol Systems Partnership Expanding Print Manufacturer Shipping Options
07/05/11 Multi-Carrier Shipping System Price Discount Of 45% to 70% Offered for July
06/29/11 Multi-Carrier Shipping Systems Streamline Business Processes Including Shipping
06/24/11 Multi-Carrier Shipping Systems Provide Important Shipping Choices for Customers
06/17/11 Dydacomp Hosts Webinar Featuring Easier Shipping with Harvey Software’s Multi-Carrier CPS and M.O.M.
06/14/11 Multi-Carrier Shipping Systems Give Businesses More Power in Carrier Rate Negotiations
06/10/11 Price Discount Extended for Multi-Carrier Shipping System Free Address Verification Module Added to Offer
06/08/11 New Harvey Software/Dydacomp Partnership Expands Multichannel Order Manager Users Shipping Options
06/03/11 Shippers Describe Substantial Savings Using Multiple Carrier Shipping System’s SmartTools
05/31/11 Businesses Win Using Multi-Carrier Shipping Systems Instead of Single Carrier “Free” Systems
05/24/11 Harvey Software Provides Additional Insurance Option to Customers via Shipsurance
05/10/11 Harvey Software Appoints New Alliance Marketing Vice President
05/05/11 Multiple Carrier Shipping System Supports New Discounted Post Office Shipping Services
05/04/11 Harvey Software Welcomes New Chief Operating Officer
04/27/11 Multiple Carrier Shipping System Now Links to Popular Magento eCommerce Software Platform
04/26/11 FedEx SmartPost Available to Harvey Software's CPS Users in June 2011
04/20/11 Harvey Software Announces New Prices for CPS Shipping Software
04/19/11 Harvey Software Includes PEER 1 Hosting as an Industry Partner
Harvey Software, Inc. Consolidates and Updates its Logos
Endicia.com Free Trial Period Doubled for Those Who Sign Up Through Harvey Software Inc. Web Site
06/14/10 Multiple Carrier Shipping Software Achieves MAC Certification Supporting a Long List of USPS Services
05/25/10 Shipping Software Return on Investment Calculator Included at Harvey Software's New Web Site
04/26/10 Endicia Return Shipping Label Option Now Available in Multiple Carrier Shipping Software System
04/26/10 Multiple Carrier Shipping System Demos Now Viewable on YouTube
03/17/10 Multiple Carrier Shipping Software Developer Establishes UPS Mail Innovations and FedEx SmartPost Tracking Site
02/25/10 Business Partners Provide Big Savings for Package Shippers Under New Harvey Software Partner Programs
12/29/09 2010 CPS Shipping Software Update Expands Multiple Carrier Shipping Options and Supports Latest Carrier Requirements

VerticalReponse Names Harvey Software Outstanding Customer in the Quarterly Checkie Awards


Money Saving Green Shipping Made Easy with CPS Smart RateBots


Multiple Carrier Shipping Software Introduces Automatic Rate Shopping for Date Certain Deliveries


Multiple Carrier Shipping Software Expanded US Postal Service Support Yields Ideal Holiday Shipping System


U-PIC Shipping Insurance Users Gain Harvey Software's Shipper Dollars Bonus


Harvey Software's CPS Shipping Software Users Shipping More, Showing Early Signs of Economic Recovery


Harvey Software's Shipper Dollars Now Reward Endicia.com Users


Previously Hard to Find Shipping System Hardware Now Available at Harvey Software's On-line Store Powered by Amazon.com


CPS Customers Save Using Harvey Software’s New Shipper Dollars Program


UPS Mail Innovations Service Now Available to Harvey Software's CPS Users


Harvey Software Announces Aggressive New CPS Shipping Software Solution


Harvey Software Wins Innovention Award at the 2009 SWFRTP Inaugural Awards Banquet


New US Postal Service rates, services and discounts effective May 11, 2009 Supported in Latest Harvey Software CPS Shipping Software


Free Service Given as Reward to Harvey Software's Loyal CPS Customers


Fort Myers Company Providing Free Shipping Systems to Lee County Florida Businesses


Harvey Software's Green Transportation Mission Wins Special Award During Florida Bicycle Month


CPS Shipping System Ready to Help Shippers Take Advantage of New US Postal Service Rates and Services Effective January 18, 2009


Economic Stimulus Plan Strategy Reinforced with Harvey Software's CPS Shipping System Offer


Harvey Software Enhances Partnership With Endicia Qualified U.S. Postal Service Shippers Eligible For Free Endicia Service


Harvey Software Introduces Free Package Tracking Gadget for iGoogle and Other Google Properties


QuickSupply.net teams up with Harvey Software for shipping system hardware discounts


New US Postal Service rates, services and discounts effective May 12, 2008 supported in Harvey Software's CPS Shipping Software


Harvey Software Goes Green and Provides CPS Users with Green Shipping Solutions


Residential/Commercial Shipping Mistakes and Shipping Bill Surprises Slashed with New Address Verification Module for Harvey Software's CPS Shipping System


Affiliates and Buyers Gain Cash Using New Affiliate Program from Harvey Software


New CPS Basics from Harvey Software Provides Google Checkout Users with Low Cost Shipping Solution


Harvey Software Cuts Time to Ship Google Checkout Orders by Over 75%


Charging Customers Correctly for Shipping More Important Than Ever New Shipping Cost Report Provides the Numbers and Strategy


CPS Shipping System Ready to Help Shippers Understand and Use the Significant Rate and Service Changes Required by the US Postal Service May 14, 2007 Update


Electronic Shopping Carts Lose 50% of Customers Due to Shipping Charges BusinessShipper.com has Solutions


Faster Answers, Easier Navigation Highlight New Help System for CPS Multiple-Carrier Shipping System


M.O.M. Version 6 Compatible, Multiple-Carrier Shipping System Announced by Harvey Software, Inc.


Harvey Software Introduces On-Line Ordering and Delivery of its Computerized Parcel System (CPS) Shipping Software


SpeeDee Delivery Service Tracking Added to CPS Parcel Locator Parcel Tracking System


AccuWeather.com Weather Map Display Added to CPS Parcel Locator Parcel Tracking System to Show Potential Weather Delays for Package Delivery


2007 CPS Shipping Software Update Expands Shipping Options Supports Latest Carrier Requirements


CPS Parcel Locator Parcel Tracking System Slashes “Where is my package?” Phone Calls, Boosts Customer Satisfaction and Service


More Choices Added to Automated Shipping System Product Line with Prices Starting at $595


Endicia Postage Printing Added, International and Domestic Post Office Shipping Choices Enhanced Again in Multi-Carrier Shipping System


Harvey Software, Inc. Boosts Support Commitment with WebEx Support Center


LeCroy Corp. Agrees to Deploy Harvey Software’s New Asia Origin Shipping System for Shipping UPS World Ease International Shipments from Malaysia


2006 CPS Shipping Software Update Greatly Enhances Carrier Shipping Options; Boosts Package Processing Speed


Hawaii Based Companies Can Now Choose the Best Carrier for Their Packages with CPS Shipping System Update


Alaska Based Companies Can Now Choose the Best Carrier for Their Packages with CPS Shipping System Update


International Shipment Processing Time Greatly Reduced by New CPS International Automator


International and Domestic Post Office Shipping Choices Greatly Enhanced in Multi-Carrier Shipping System


CPS Shipping Software Provides Seamless Shipment Processing for M.O.M. XL, the new, large scale Mail Order Manager from Dydacomp


Shippers with Multiple US Postal Service Accounts Find Automated Solution with Harvey Software’s Computerized Parcel System


Katrina Affected Businesses Given Extended Support; Free Shipping System Software Pledged to All Non-Profit Organizations Involved in Katrina Assistance


Shipping System Tracks Fuel Surcharge Expenses for UPS and FedEx Shippers Enhancing Cost Reporting Accuracy


Priority Flat Rate Box Service and Manifesting for US Postal Service Shippers added to Harvey Software's Computerized Parcel System Multi-Carrier Shipping System


Harvey Software's CPS is one of the First Multi-Carrier Shipping Systems to Use the FedEx Direct Method that Speeds FedEx Express and FedEx Ground Package Shipping


Harvey Software's CPS Shipping Software Update Expands Shippers' UPS Service Options


2005 CPS Shipping Software Version Boasts Fastest Processing Ever, Expanded Carrier Services Support


Harvey Software Announces New CPS Training is Now Available Right From Your Computer


Harvey Software Signs Agreement with the Falls River Group


Harvey Software Announces New Products and Pricing for Specialized and Enterprise Shipping Operations


New CPS Shipping Software Version Boasts Fastest Processing Ever and Expanded Carrier Services Support


CPS Shipping Software Update for 2004 Shipped


CPS Shipping Software Enhances Shipping Options for Mail Order Manager (M.O.M.) Users


Automatic Business Rule Processing Enhances Harvey Software's CPS Shipping Software


U-PIC Insurance Services Added to Harvey Software's CPS Shipping Software


Hazardous Materials Shipping Now Supported by Harvey Software's CPS Shipping Software


New Home Delivery Services Added to Harvey Software's CPS Shipping Software


Harvey Software's CPS Shipping Software Enhanced with US Postal Service Registered Mail Processing


Harvey Software Introduces Authorized Dealer Program


Harvey Software Provides Advance Announcement of Product Price Changes Effective 11/15/2002


Harvey Software Adds New Carrier Certification to CPS Shipping Software


CPS Shipping Software Update for USPS Shipped


New CPS International Consolidation Module Simplifies Processing of UPS World Ease International Shipments